Mission & Vision


KUTES Metal is focused on customer satisfaction and aware of its responsibilities to environment, always keeping its production technologies up to date to ensuring delivery reliability while investing in increasing knowledge, occupational safety, gender equality, employee happiness, and in short, sustainable development. Competitive production of complex and high-quality products in a humane and environment-oriented manner is the primary mission of KUTES Metal.

With more than thirty years of experience, KUTES has created a corporate organization that produces innovative ideas and original solutions by combining its young team with its experienced staff that will respond quickly to the changing demands of the sectors it serves. With its dynamic production technologies, our business partners are offered the highest level of services and up-to-date solutions.

KUTES is an industry leader, aiming to become the first company that come to mind regarding casting and machining, not only with its continuous and sustainable investments, but also with the agility of acquiring and adapting to the innovations and leading technologies of the sector; all thanks to our customer-oriented solutions and total quality management.

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