Kutes Metal Logosu

Kutes was founded in 1986 by Mehmet Bekir Kutmangil. During this period, he established Kutes Madencilik and carried out subcontracting activities for coal mining in İstanbul. In 1990 Bekir Kutmangil decided to embark on a new venture and started an iron casting foundry investment in the province of Tekirdağ/Çorlu. The company, active in the field of iron casting, made its first casting in 1992 and concentrated on producing fittings by 1993.

Growing rapidly Kutes Döküm added valve, automotive, railway and agriculture sectors to its product range, respectively by 1995. In the early 2000s, Kutes Döküm continued investments and to develop its product range becoming a prominent actor in construction, hydraulics, air conditioning, and industrial machinery sectors.

In 2016, the company hosting the brands Kutes Döküm & Kutes Makine took the name KUTES Metal. By 2017 machining started in Kutes Makine, situated in the KUTES Metal campus as an independent facility, with nine different CNC machining benches and a machining capacity of 60 thousand hours. In the same year, Kutes Döküm added Heinrich Wagner Sinto (HWS) automatic horizontal casting line to its existing George Fischer (GF) line, increasing its nodular and gray cast iron capacity to 50 thousand tons.

Kutes Döküm and Kutes Makine continue to grow under the umbrella of KUTES Metal with over 30 years of experience and success stories in all sectors served.

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