Engineering & Quality
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Quality Control

Quality control procedures are extremely important in terms of achieving high standards in the iron casting industry and producing all parts with equal quality. Quality control processes are applied at every stage of production processes and thus prevent the production of iron casting products in faulty, incomplete, poor quality or incompatible with each other.

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Quality Policy & Certificates

Kutes Metal takes a step forward with its high-assembled production capacity facilities equipped with the latest technology, expert staff in its field and quality policy principles that ensure the production quality to the top. Kutes Metal quality policy combines decency with high technology and innovative production systems with new requirements of the globalized trade concept.

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Kutes Engineering and Method

Kutes Metal, its advanced technology capabilities, and interdisciplinary expert personnel provide various services in the design and production processes of products. In this process, we work as a solution partner, the demands from the customers are analyzed, and the first product trials start accordingly.

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