Quality Control

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Quality control procedures are extremely important in terms of achieving high standards in the iron casting industry and producing all parts with equal quality. Quality control processes are applied at every stage of production processes and thus prevent the production of iron casting products in faulty, incomplete, poor quality or incompatible with each other. Kutes Döküm, the leader of the iron casting sector in Turkey, controls all stages of nodular cast iron and pig iron production with high precision and rigor with its advanced quality control laboratories and expert staff. In this way, Kutes Döküm, which ensures that all the products it produces have perfect quality, keeps its standards and customer satisfaction at its peak.

Kutes Döküm Quality Control Equipment

Kutes Döküm analyzes every stage of production in detail thanks to its quality control testing equipment and instantly detects and solves possible production errors. In this way, Kutes Döküm, which ensures that each casting coming out of the production lines exhibits a high standard, also controls its products from a metallographic and chemical point of view.

Quality Control Testing Equipment

The quality control testing equipment in Kutes Döküm facilities are as follows:

  • EMCOTEST DuraVision 40 hardness tester capable of measuring between 5-750 HB.
  • 40-ton capacity ALŞA universal material testing machine.
  • ALşa notch impact device with 30 kpm capacity.
  • Ultrasonic Tester measuring with sound waves.
  • Magnetic Tester for quality control with magnetic waves.
  • George Fischer sand testers.

Metallography Inspection Equipment

Kutes Döküm performs metallographic quality control of its products through the following devices:

  • Nikon MA-100 camera microscope used in conjunction with Nikon NIS element software.
  • MP3 ADL Olympus microscope with camera integration.
  • Breitlander HK 150 and GP25 Leco Corp. automatic grinding and polishing device.

Chemical Analysis Equipment

Quality control devices that perform the analysis of chemical structures of products in Kutes Döküm plants are as follows:

  • ARL 4460 spectrometer capable of detecting 24 elements.
  • OBLF spectrometer capable of detecting 24 elements.

Heat Treatment Equipment

Kutes Döküm also controls the quality of the parts it produces and thus carries the durability ratio of its products to world standards. In the heat treatment inspection process, Bach-type System-Technical brand heat treatment furnace with a capacity of 5 tons/charge is used.

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