Kutes Casting
Moulding & Casting

Molding and casting are among the most basic functions of the metal casting industry. Molding is a process applied to prepare blocks made of metal in the desired shape and quality. As the name suggests, the method applied through molds allows you to obtain metal products of all sizes and in all shapes. Casting expression is the name given to the entire manufacturing process followed in molding processes. Casting molding processes, the most important applications of the Metal production sector, are carried out by expert companies and experienced craftsmen in the field, which is of great importance in terms of product quality.

Kutes Döküm Molding and Casting Services

Kutes Döküm, a pioneer of the molding and casting sector in Turkey, offers you world-class quality with its equipped facilities and powerful molding methods. Kutes Döküm has 2 horizontal automatic molding lines. Each of the production lines can produce 120 molds per hour and produce 120 pik and sfero castings

The molding methods applied at Kutes Döküm manufacturing plants are powered by Heinrich Wagner Sinto and George Fischer molding and casting machines manufactured with the most advanced technologies of the casting industry in the world. In 2018, molding and casting machines were established at Kutes casting plants in order to meet industry needs and respond to customer demands in the best way carry the potential of Kutes Döküm to the top with their capacity to produce a total of 50,000 tons of iron annually at the highest quality. Heinrich Wagner Sinto (HWS) Molding Machine

Heinrich Wagner Sinto (HWS) Moulding Machine

  • HWS molding machine handles 900mm x 700mm x 300/300 mm mold sizes.
  • Processing with SEIATSU PLUS technology, which provides versatile pressing, the line can perform 120 molding / casting operations per hour.
  • The casting molding machine, which improves product quality with HWS automatic casting crucible, works integrated with Eirich RV24 preparation mixer and can produce 80 tons of synthetic wet sand per hour.
  • With QualiMaster AT1 sand control unit, the line receives power from VHV Belt Conveyor and Jöst Vibra Conveyor systems.
  • HWS molding machine uses jöst technology in pals and cooling tunnel.

George Fischer Casting Machine

  • The George Fischer molding casting machine has mold sizes of 800 mm x 600 mm x 250/250 mm.
  • Working with the Inductotherm Visipour P3 Automatic Tundisch molding system, the line can perform 120 molding or casting operations per hour.
  • The casting line, powered by the George Fischer conveyor system and Jöst pals, again Works integrated with the George Fischer brand Sand preparation mixer and produces 35 tons of sand per hour.