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Kutes Metal’s sustainability projects start with a consistant strategy and operation which are planned step by step to world standards. To accomplish long-term economic, environmental and social factors are considered throughly before setting any short-term profit goals to monitor the impact of our operations. As Kutes Metal’s sustainable business growth strategies are unique to itself, we always choose a guideline with low risks for larger business goals and organizational values. Kutes Metal’s sustainability projects main points we work towards are; using sustainable materials in the manufacturing, optimizing supply chain to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reyling on renewable energy sources to power facilicities and sponsoring education funds for youth.

Kutes Ethics

You can access the Kutes Ethics page here.

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The importance of environmental technologies are constantly growing as we are making investments on projects related to being environment friendly. Kutes Metal acknowledges how the society affects the environment and the principal of respecting the planet to leave a better future.

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Social Responsibility

As Kutes Metal is a leading company in its sector, we are working with many diverse corporations on different projects to provide for our community. With the experience Kutes Metal has gained over the years, we have made vigorous investments with the best plan to make a difference and build on for a better future.

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Quality Policy & Certificates

Kutes Metal takes a step forward with its high-assembled production capacity facilities equipped with the latest technology, expert staff in its field and quality policy principles that ensure the production quality to the top. Kutes Metal quality policy combines decency with high technology and innovative production systems with new requirements of the globalized trade concept.

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Sustainability Report

While investing in environmentally friendly projects, the importance of environmental technologies is constantly increasing.

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