Kutes Engineering and Method

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Kutes Metal, its advanced technology capabilities, and interdisciplinary expert personnel provide various services in the design and production processes of products. In this process, we work as a solution partner, the demands from the customers are analyzed, and the first product trials start accordingly. From the design of customized products to mass production, our purpose is to achieve the highest efficiency and quality in many subjects. Simulations and experiments are carried out with various strategies developed in this direction. The product to be mass-produced after the evaluation process is designed to meet the demands and needs of the customer, provide high efficiency, and comply with international quality standards.

Kutes Metal attaches great importance to technological infrastructure and customer relations with its experts in the field. Our staff, especially industrial design engineers, support customers' business development processes thanks to their proactive approach, knowledge, experience, and strategic plans. Strong cooperation is established with the customers, all requests and suggestions from the customers are carefully evaluated for the continuous development of the products.

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